agree to disagree and respect

Think about how a positive thought can make you feel.  It can bring about enthusiasm, joy, understanding, love, kindness, passion, and compassion.  It brings up all that lifts the spirits, doesn’t it?

Now think about how a negative thought can make you feel. It can bring anger, frustration, sadness, fear, and worry.  It literally makes you feel as if all is lost and at the very least you feel out of sorts and grumpy.

Negative thought can’t be avoided. It just happens, but you have a choice in how you deal with it and how you release it.

You do have to deal with it or else it will still be within you festering, but you can deal with it in a more positive way.

Anger can be used to create change.  If you use it as a catalyst for what you want to change, then it has its purpose.  It is when you hold on to the anger, and no longer use it as a catalyst, that can be the problem. Then you are just building more anger, but if you use it as the catalyst and then build a positive focus of change, then the anger has served you well. That negative has actually turned into a positive.

All you need is a freedom of choice and everyone can think within their mind freely. When you stay conscious of where your mind takes you, and fine tune it along the way, then you will be creating an unfolding of a positive path full of unlimited possibilities.