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Words mean nothing until we put feeling to them. Let’s say you say with intense passion, “Life is wonderful!” and you truly mean it, then those words and feeling will create more of life that is wonderful. But if you say, “Life is wonderful!” and you are just saying  the words but don’t really mean it, then you will have come into your life that very vibration of ‘don’t mean it’ and it won’t make life more wonderful.

The Universe knows your genuine vibration. It knows when you fake it, mean it, hate it, or love it.  It sends back to you the same vibration that you send out.  It may come in a different form, but it will still have the feel of where you are in life.

Be genuine, my friend. Do all you can to reach the higher vibrations of love, kindness, and compassion. Reach for the vibrations of wonderful, happy, inspired, and joy.

Life truly is what you make it.  And remember that you can’t fool the Universe into thinking you’re positive.  You have to genuinely be positive.