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Let’s say that you day has been amazing. All has just been going just as you want it to. You are pleased and feeling good. In those moments, you are creating positive vibrations.

Now let’s say you are having one of those days where everything isn’t going as you wanted it to. You’re complaining and grumbling.  In those moments, you are creating negative vibrations.

But what would happen if you were having a grumbling kind of day and you choose to bring your vibration up to a more positive mood? Maybe you had moments to complain about, but instead of complaining you, let go of that feeling and thought, and shifted toward what you appreciate and what brings a smile to your face. When you are sincere in changing your mood, then you are creating positive vibrations once again.  If you are not sincere and are faking it, then the negative vibration still applies because the Universe knows and brings to you in, ‘experience boomerang form’, a vibration like you are putting out to the Universe.

Every moment you have is a moment to create a direction of where your life will go. Do your best not to let the less than positive experiences take you into that negative vibration. Get to feeling better in some way. Strive to deal with any challenges with a positive mindset.

You are the one responsible for life changing…