balancing of life

Oh those experiences that get us to feeling chaotic and less than positive.  They sure can bring a vibration down.

When experiencing chaos and overwhelming experiences, it is the perfect time to be conscious of how you are thinking and feeling. We tend to go on automatic when things get a bit crazy, but if you stay conscious of where your thought is going, then that means you are ready for the next step.  And that next step is to reach ‘within’ for balance and centering.

Chaotic experiences are usually full of emotion so your emotion is the first place you want to head to. Ask yourself to get into a calmer state of mind, body, and spirit. Take a few breaths in and a few breaths out while focusing on balance of mind, body, and spirit. In each moment, keep remembering to let go of the chaos through your exhale and inhale the thought of balance.

When you are taking steps to get life into a good place, then remember that by balancing you are taking a step toward a more positive experience by letting go of the chaotic thoughts and feelings and focusing in on balance and calm.

Once you’ve got yourself in a better state of mind, body, and spirit, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back of appreciation for knowing how to use one of the mental tools toward balance. Appreciation goes a long way my friend.