beth mccain 9989

This moment, from what you are thinking and feeling, is creating your future. Think about all that you do and say in the day.  Think about all that you think, feel, and react in a day. All those thoughts, feelings, and reactions are creating a whole vibration that goes out into this Universe.  And the Universe then sends a vibration right back to us that represents what we sent out in vibration. It can take any shape, way, or form. And how it comes to you, how you perceive it, and what direction you take, creates your moments of now and the future.

Just think; if you could continually be conscious of where your thought goes and shift it when it is becoming agitated, to a more positive feeling vibration, then you will be sending out positive vibrations and in turn you will receive positive experiences and people in your life.

If a challenge comes up, then do the same. Deal with the experience from a positive mindset instead of a negative mindset.  When thinking of the future, think about what you want in that future and not about what you don’t want. Create best case scenarios instead of worst case scenarios.

Keep at it each and every day. Do what you can to lend the Universe a hand in opening up a positive life experience for you.