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Events in your life do not define who you are. If you’ve been given a diagnosis of a medical condition, do your best to take care of it, but you don’t have to own the condition.  You don’t have to make it so important that it takes over your whole life. Give it the attention it needs and then keep enjoying life to the best of your ability.

This is the same for any experience you are having. If you’ve had an experience in the past that you are not proud of, remember that it is just an experience that helped you to become who you are today. It doesn’t define who you are.  It is only an experience.

Some will take on the negative thinking that it is who they are in life.  Really, who you really are, is a spiritual being having a physical experience. You learn and grow in spirit in all that you experience. Experiences of life are tools in helping to guide our spirit but they are not who we are my friend.

So next time you feel as if a single experience or event is who you are, look again.  It is only a part of your life experience. You are still a powerful being of light whose experiences help to guide you…