her story 3

Ask yourself when you are complaining about the little annoyances in life, if it will matter five years from now.  You know, the trash spilling on the floor, or your significant other chewing loudly, or any of those little things we get all annoyed at. Is it really that big that you want to complain and build resentment? Often times, it is the small annoyances that build into big resentment.

It really won’t matter in a year from now.  How about shifting your focus toward what you appreciate in life? How about knowing that we all have annoyances but we don’t have to focus on the negative.  We can focus on the positive and the good little things instead.

Let the annoyances go.  We all have them so why not give others a break?  And while you’re at it, give yourself a break about those things that you are annoyed at that are your own qualities.

Live life in appreciation and let go of annoyances my friend.