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There are some challenges in our lives that just seem too much to handle and when we get in that state of mind and heart, then we sometimes can automatically let our thoughts, emotions, and actions let them do what they will which usually consists of worry, fear, concern, frustration thoughts and feelings. Negative thought can take hold. But when we let our thought go on automatic, then we are not being conscious of our thought so it runs amok and that only creates more to deal with.

You do have a choice. You can take on that challenge with a positive attitude and mindset. Even if it is tough, as you deal with all the details of the experience, you can still be conscious of your thought and take it in a better direction then letting it loose.

Ask yourself what you can appreciate or feel good in the moments.  Ask yourself how you are feeling within. If you are feeling off, then take a breathe in and exhale out the ‘off’ feeling; and in the next breathe in, feel yourself breathing in calm, balance, and solutions. Keep shifting your focus in a more positive state as you take care of what is happening. Think about those that are there helping you to appreciate. Open your eyes and heart to all around you that makes you feel a little better about it all. Maybe someone gives you a smile or maybe helps you with a task.  Or maybe they are just there…

Take on an attitude of ‘this too will pass’ and keep a balanced feel within.

Yes, you can still be positive and feel good in a challenging experience. You get to choose. Don’t let outer circumstances take you down a negative feeling path. Take hold of your thoughts and create a positive vibration in all that you do.  It will create an easier feeling experience.