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When you are wanting something to happen in life, do you expect the best case scenario or the worst?  Do you kind of think it will happen or do you know, without a doubt, it will happen for you?  And when you think about it, do you feel good about it or feel negative about it?

Expect more.  Expect more than the best. Expect that, however it comes to you,  it will come. If your mind goes to the negative and worries, then shift your focus back to what you expect to happen and not what you don’t want to happen.

Keep focusing your energy on the best, more than the best, the best for all involved, the best case scenario. If life seems to be going down a road you don’t want, then expect that the road you are on is a part of getting you to where you want to be. Then head back to focusing on a positive mindset as the  road moves and changes.

Expect more my friend. This Universe is on your side and wants you to have the best in life. The Universe gives to you what you are putting out in vibration,  If you fake being happy, then the Universe knows your true nature so you will continue to get things that are a part of your fake happiness.  But if you do your best to do the inner work of letting go of the negative and replacing it with the positive, then the Universe will send things that match your true positive thought.