beth mccain 2212

Do you ever get so involved in the day that your mind just goes on automatic, and that automatic mindset judges and creates negative thoughts?  Then, before you know it, your day just feels bad without any direction except to get things done.

Checking in with yourself and being conscious of your thought, are ways to help let go of any negative feelings and thoughts, are shift focus to a more positive mindset. The negative can make us feel sad, tired, and fatigued both mentally and physically so when we are having an experience that is draining, it creates even more of a feeling of negative and resistant to a positive mindset.

Check in with yourself. Make it a priority to deal with experiences in their moment so that you can let them go and move on away from the challenge. The quicker you remember to let go and find the positive within the experience, the quicker you will let go of that resistant feel of the negative.

Check in and choose the positive in all you say and do.