beth mccain 793

Have you ever got caught up in the conversation of another who is adamant and became just as adamant as they are?  Maybe you hear a speech, or maybe you are having lunch with a group of friends, and their upset and their frustrations become your upset and frustration?

It is important to be conscious of your thought when you are with others.  Know what you want, be understanding and listen, but do your best not to attach to their emotion and thoughts about their lives.  When we attach to another and their vibration, we are creating a similar vibration as to what they are experiencing and maybe it doesn’t fit into your life.

Be conscious in all you say, do, and act. Be kind, compassionate, and loving in thought when with others. Let go of another and their thoughts, if it makes you agitated or fearful, and get back to creating your own thoughts.  Remind yourself that they are living in life in their way, but you don’t have to become a part of it unless you choose too. Always check ‘within and feel what rings true for you.

Anyone that makes you feel bad about life, you want to reconsider what role they play in your life. If you create a positive life experience and someone comes into your life that is less than positive, then your positive vibrations lessens if you let them get to you.  But if you keep up your positive vibration, even in the presence of a negative person, while letting go of the negativity, then you are creating your own life experience without their vibration being involved.

And who knows; maybe they will become a little more positive with you around.