What do you see in the picture above?  Do you see a beautiful night sky with sparkling stars?  Or do you see that it is dark and almost scary to think of walking through that grass?

How we perceive our environment is a part of what comes into our life. When we change our perception from a fear based scenario to a positive based scenario, then we are shifting our thought in a direction that will bring more of that to you.

Take a look at how you see the world and your life experiences today.  If you find that you tend to see all the negative, fearful, worrisome ways that an experience may play out, then do yourself a favor  and shift your eyes to a whole other view of what is positive and good in your experiences and in the world, because there is always a negative and a positive in all we see, do, and say.  What one thinks is negative, another may think is positive.

What matters is what you see…