We can get into a mindset that what we want is the only way it will be. We want it exactly as we envision it to be.

But what if the Universe sees the whole experience and all the different ways it can come about for you? And what if you are stopping the process of manifestation because you are so dead set on your way that it becomes an obstacle.  The Universe brings to you experiences and people that will be helpful in taking your vibration to a match of what you want. And sometimes it is the learning within the experiences that you have to grow from in order to get to that matched vibration.

Detours happen but the detours are actually lessons and growth to take you to where you truly want to be.

No need to pigeon hole the Universe. Focus on what you want and then let go of the how. Widen the field by letting it happen in all different kinds of ways and surprises. Letting it happen means to let go of how you think it is going to open up and let the Universe bring it to you. Your job is to keep a positive strong focus on your everyday moments and your dreams and reaching the higher vibration of manifestation.