beth mccain 2212

You can tell where you are when it comes to what you are bring into life. Let’s say that you keep having people come up to you to complain. And you wonder why so many people are complaining to you.  There  are two things that can be happening. One, you are attracting complainers because you have been complaining about life. You don’t even have to complain to others, but have the focused mind chatter that is complaining about life in general. That can attract more to complain about.

Then there is the other way. You may be attracting complaining of others because you don’t want people to come to you and complain.  And in that ‘don’t want,’ you are building a focused vibration of ‘I don’t want this!’ and then that vibration builds and brings back to your life what you don’t want.

The same goes for the positive. Maybe you have people telling you how wonderful and kind you are. Two things can be happening there as well. One, that you are attracting others to your vibration of feeling wonderful and kind. Or two, you are helping others and your life experience through creating kindness and being wonderful.  By focusing on helping others through kindness, you are creating kind and wonderful vibrations into your life.

Take a moment to think about an experience you have where you may have attracted an experience. Be conscious of it and find the moment that you felt you attracted it.  By resonating with a vibration you are creating and honing in on that vibration and it brings more into your life.

Find what you are resonating with when others talk to you. What rings true to you with what they are saying? Then focus on what you love about what they said.  Focus on what you enjoy life to be. Focus on what you feel is truth to you.  Get into a state of resonating with all that comes into being in your life.

Be conscious my friend and create…