balancing of life.jpeg

Sometimes we just seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  And we do our best to get into a better place within, but we can have a challenging time redirecting focus toward a better attitude.

When we say just change your thoughts then life will change, it sounds so simple but in actuality it takes doing the inner work to get out of the old habit of thought and belief, and into a new more positive habit.

If you seem to have one of those days where you feel off or agitated, and you feel that you can’t get into a better frame of mind, then at least do your best get into a better balance within when it comes to your thoughts and feelings.

If you keep going to a worse case scenario in your mind or feeling as if things just aren’t working out, be conscious of that feeling you are having. Instead of getting involved in that thought, just observe it instead. When you observe instead of actively participate in a thought and feeling, you are stepping away from the emotion involved and creating balance.  Keep observing each time something comes up.  There will be a point where as you observe, you will begin to see that your thoughts don’t have to rule you. You can control where your mind goes and create balance.

The more you create that feeling and thought of balance, the more you will feel better and more positive.

Take a conscious deep breath in and let the mind know that a focused breath means you are going to let go of the emotion of it all an observe the thought.  Keep doing this until you get to where your mind begins to get back into a natural state of creating a positive vibration.