A part of creating a positive life experience is not only to create positive vibrations in your moments but to also be happy with what is surrounding you in life.  If you home is cluttered and makes you feel agitated, then take care of the clutter so when you come into your living room, you feel good and calm.

If you have things around you that don’t like, then get rid of those things so that everything that creates a happy positive thought is in your sphere.

This is not to say to go out and buy all new things; just let go of what doesn’t make you happy and then you can build up what does make you happy.

It can be as little as changing a picture that you no longer love and putting a new picture there that makes you feel good.

Surround yourself with what you love so that every moment, while you are in your home, you are contributing to that feeling and thought of living a positive life experience.