beautiful photo 1

Tell me, what do you focus on?

Do you focus on the beautiful painting that was just finished by another or do you see the big mess of paints and brushes that are everywhere?

Do you focus on the great music coming from the radio as you wait in traffic or do you focus on how clogged up the traffic is and keep getting more agitated?

Do you focus on the great dinner you just had or do you focus on how long the food took to get there?

There is always more than one choice when it comes to what you focus on.  And what you choose to focus on, is what your life experience will become. Focus on the good, the better, the happy, the positive, the higher vibration and life will bring you just that. Focus on the negative, the worst of a situation, and what ‘might’ be from a negative state of thought then that is what life will bring you.

You really have a choice. The key is to be conscious of where your focus goes. If it veers over to an area of thought that just doesn’t feel good, then shift your focus to something that feels better. Every experience has a positive and a negative.  It all depends on what you focus on.