her story 3

Every single person that is on our planet is experiencing life.  And every person is a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your job on this Earth is to experience life. Sure, we have goals and thoughts of ‘a purpose,’ but ultimately you are here to grow in spirit and in love through each experience you have.

If something doesn’t work out as you thought it should, it doesn’t mean you have gotten life wrong.  It just means you now know that you need to go in a different direction or go about working it out in a whole other way. Both choices bring growth in spirit.  In fact, every choice you make is a part of your growth within.

So if something didn’t work out, just trust and know that you had the experience and you have a choice in where it heads now, but you can’t get it wrong because you did experience living through it all. You had moments that helped you to let go and move forward.

Everything is about growth of who you truly are.

And the one rule that is Universal in experiencing life?  You can live any way that you want to as long as you never intentionally harm another mentally or physically.