We know that creating focus on the positive of life will create a positive life, but sometimes we can forget to be positive. We let the mind wander and take control as we automatically react to life. When you are in the habit of letting the mind control your thoughts, then you could be creating a life of chaos and negativity, but when you stay conscious of where your mind goes, and you let go of the negative as you shift your thought to the positive, then you will begin to create a whole new positive path for your life experience.

So what if you forget to stay conscious?  This happens quite often, but where there is a will, there is a way. I personally create reminders for myself to stay in a positive mindset through out the day. Write down one word that helps you to remember to be positive. Post it everywhere that you ordinarily go in the day; on the fridge, in the car, in your bedroom.  You can write ‘be positive’ or ‘let go’ or ‘all is well’ on a slip of paper and then place it in those places that you frequent.  It will help you to remember to let go and shift focus.