beth mccain 66

When we look at the law of attraction, we know that thoughts create.  Not just the thoughts you focus on, but the repetitious thoughts that you have in each day.  For example, maybe you focus on feeling like you always have too much to do, and on each day, in some form or another, you focus on and complain about how much you have do. Then it just becomes automatic and becomes a habit.  That is when the Universe brings to you what you are focusing on, over and over again, to your life experience. When we focus on the don’t wants of life then that is exactly what we are going to get…the don’t wants.

Focusing on what you do want takes practice and once again, it comes down to being conscious of where your thoughts go. When you’ve had one way of thinking for quite some time then it becomes a habit. And how do you change any habit?  Replace it with something else that better serves your life.

So if you are in the habit of focusing on what you don’t want, then it is time to let go of the habit of the old and create a new habit, one that will benefit yourself. Do your best to shift toward a positive focus in your moments. Better more positive moments will then be ahead of you.