planting a flower

Think of your thoughts as a garden.  When you plant a seed (have an idea or thought) then how you nurture it is how it will come to be. Nurture that seed and it will grow and bloom; not taking care of the seed, it will wither away.Each and every thought is like planting a seed and the thoughts that you are focusing on, or take on with strong emotion, will nurture that seed which turns into a beautiful plant and blossom, or withers away from lack of nurturing it.

Nurture your thoughts with positive vibrations. Look at the bright side of your experience and if you can’t see a bright side, then trust and believe that there is one.

And watch your everyday thoughts as those thoughts can be automatic.  Be conscious of what your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions are.  Being conscious means you have some control over where your mind goes.

Nurture my friend, nurture.