time to release

We all have thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions. And in every single emotion, thought, reaction, and action that we take, we can choose where our mind takes us.

You may think that you can’t choose and say that your thoughts and feelings just automatically take over before you choose where they go. What is happening is that you aren’t conscious of what is going on in your body, mind, and spirit and that is what is putting obstacles in the way.

When we consciously stay aware of where our thoughts and emotions go in a life experience, we can control where the thought and emotion goes and when you can shift your focus to something more positive.

To shift from one focus to another, it takes practice.  It takes making a habit of letting go of the negative in life and shifting toward the positive.  It takes making an effort to change an old habit into a better new habit. And just like with any habit, it takes practice and being conscious.

It really is simple and easy…change your thoughts and it will change your life.