beth mccain 793

When was the last time you just enjoyed yourself and had some fun? I’m not talking about the five minutes you have while driving and listening to music.  I’m talking about time where you enjoy your time, without any worry about what is or isn’t getting done, and have fun.  To some, they would say “Grow up! You’re an adult now.”  Well, guess what?  Did you know taking time to yourself and enjoying feeds and nurtures your spirit? It helps you to let stress go and get some positive juices flowing.

You can enjoy by yourself or go with a friend, but make sure you stay conscious of where your thoughts and feelings go.  If you are taking a beautiful walk and your mind goes to all that you have to do, then you need to let go of what needs to be done for the time you are taking your walk and shift focus to feeding your spirit through enjoying.

Even heading to a movie will do it. You have two and a half hours of shifting your focus to another world within the movie. It helps you to let go of stress and to just enjoy.

Do you know what this will do not only for your spirit but your body and mind as well?  It will bring calm, balance, and clarity into all of who you are. You may not see the change at first but you will find that the more you take the time to enjoy, the more relaxed you will be in your everyday. It will help you to keep a positive mindset as well.

Honor and respect your spirit my friend. Give it some time to enjoy…