Many judge others for what they say or do. Maybe you have been judged by another or maybe you have judged another. Either way, you have a choice in how you deal with it. If you did the judging based on what you think, you truly can’t know why another does something unless you have seen through their eyes and walked in their shoes. You can only assume what they are going through.  And even if you have experienced something similar to what they are experiencing, your experience was still different than theirs. You may be able to suggest what might work, but remember to not become judgmental of what they say or do.  It is their life to experience.

And if you have been judged by another, it is your choice to let it affect you or not. Others can only see your experience through their eyes.  They can’t possibly understand what your life is like unless they have walked in your shoes and seen through your eyes. So when another gives you that look, just smile and then let go of their judgments.  They may not understand your experience but they think they do.

What it comes down to is you have a choice in how you are when it comes to others and experiences. Judging another means you will be sending out a judging vibration which ultimately comes back to your life. Why not accept another,  even if you don’t agree, and let go of the judgment?

And if another is judging you, take a moment to understand that they may not know that they can’t possibly get where you are coming from.  Just let go of what they say or do and keep moving forward with a positive step in your life.