There are times when we go from zero to ten when frustrated or angry. And when we go from zero to ten, then we are letting our thoughts and feelings take control over the experience. And when they take automatic control, then they can quickly escalate if we don’t do something about it.

Frustration and anger can serve in a positive way.  They can get us in a passionate state that helps us to move forward but when we daily get upset and we let the upset rule our day, then we are creating a negative vibration that will keep returning unless we change our ways.

To catch yourself before the anger builds, we have to be conscious of where our thought is going before it hits that red alert. When we are feeling it build, that is the perfect time to do the inner work to let go of the frustration and/or anger. Mentally let yourself know that you are aware of what is happening and that you are going to let go of the negative vibrations and shift toward a more positive thought and feeling. You may not feel like shifting which means sometimes we get to a neutral thought and feeling and that is better than the negative.

By consciously breathing in and exhaling, you are telling your body and mind that you are conscious of the building negative vibrations.  At that moment let your body and mind know that in the exhale, you are going to let go of a little of the negative vibrations.  Each exhale that comes about, let go a little more. When you feel yourself calming down, keep with the conscious inhale and exhale. If you have to leave the experience for a short time to get into the calm, then do it. You can come back to the experience when you are in a more positive mindset.

Now that you have yourself in a calmer place within, it is the time to see what you can appreciate about what you are experiencing.

Maybe you owe more money than you thought. If that is the case and you have to pay the extra money, your appreciation could be that you have the extra to pay it.

If you got a flat tire while on the road, then your appreciation could be that you are happy that it happened where you had a good stretch of side of the road to park.

These sound like small appreciative moments, but they aren’t small at all. They are helping you to shift from the build up of the negative to the positive.

Learning to let go of the negative and embrace the positive, takes practice, patience, and time, but it is worth it my friend, if you want a positive life experience to unfold.