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When something, that feels negative, happens in your life, what do you do?  Do you succumb to the thoughts of negativity through frustration, anger, or even sadness? Do you just accept that you are having an experience that feels negative and go along with the negative vibration of it all?

Or do you step aside from the negative thought and feeling, shift focus to a more positive mindset while you deal with the experience, and then let go of the frustration, anger, or sadness for a better feeling?

You don’t want to ignore the less than positive feelings and thoughts.  You want to face them and take care of them; not avoid them. You want to consciously do the inner work to create a better more positive direction.

Where you consciously take your thoughts and feelings, is the direction in which your moments will go. If a challenge comes your way, be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Let go of worry or fears as you figure out a positive solution.  And even if you can’t find a positive, just know that there is one.  It will show itself when it is ready.

No matter what, you can create a higher positive thought in any circumstance. You can get through a challenge with a positive heart and mindset.  You don’t have to feel bad just because a challenge comes about.