beth mccain 791

We take care of our bodies through sleep and eating.  We take care of the mind through keeping it active. But how often do you take care of your spirit?  The true you, your spirit within, also needs take care of.  It needs to be nurtured just as the body and mind does.

So how do you nurture your spirit?  You take time to ‘be still’ through meditation and experiences that are a meditative practice for your spirit. When we go out and listen to a concert or go to watch a movie, we are also nurturing the spirit as the spirit responds to ‘play time.’ When you were little, you used to play but as we get older, we can sometimes forget how important play is. Play can bring clarity, ideas, and get you to use your imagination and this in turns helps you to think outside the box and fine tune what you want out of life. Just taking some time to ‘be,’ nourishes your spirit. Not only does it nourish your spirit but your body and mind as well.

So give it a rest and enjoy some time of your own.