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Many believe that if they have everything in life that they want, they will then be happy.  They relate happiness with things and/or experiences. Yet when someone gets all the things they feel they wanted, they find over time that the things didn’t bring them happiness and they begin searching once again.

You truly don’t need to search for happiness.  Happiness begins within yourself.  The things you thought would make you happy, might make you feel happy for a time, but over time, the unhappiness will come back and you’ll be searching for happiness once again.

Happiness begins within you. Happiness comes from being happy with what is in your life right now. Looking for what you can feel good about in your present moments. There is always something to be happy about…always. It can be as simple as a baby laughing or seeing a beautiful billboard that makes you smile.

Opening up to the thought of happiness right now is what will bring you even more to be happy about.

Look in your day for what brings you a smile, a grateful thought, and what you appreciate. Begin dwelling on all that you like in your life and make an effort to focus on what you can be happy about in the moment. You will find that happiness has always been right within you.