beth mccain 221

There are times where we feel that we have no choice in the direction our life is heading.  It feels as if the ‘powers that be’ are in control of what we do in life. It can feel like others are telling you what to do and where to go in life which gives you a feeling of powerlessness.

Here’s a little secret: you, and only you, are responsible for the direction you life heads.  Sure, there are others around that have their opinions on what you should do or the rules that you have to follow, but they can’t control your thoughts.  And your thoughts are what create your world.

If you have someone or something that feels like it is taking control of your life, take a moment to remember that they have no power unless you give them the power.

You can choose a different thought direction, you can choose a different physical direction, and you can choose what you react to as well. Even if someone is upsetting you, you have a choice in how you think and react to it all.  And that reaction, is what takes you in a direction.

Choose a positive direction, then positive will come out of it all.  Choose a negative direction, then negative will be what shows itself.

You get to choose my friend.