Rainbow over the Muldrow Glacier

Every day, when we wake up, the sun has come out once again.  It makes its rounds and then goes back down in the evening to which the moon comes out to give us light. At night we can count on the stars to come out and the moon to glow.

And after every Winter, comes Spring then comes Summer and Fall, and then back to Winter again.

We know that the sky will be blue and that a rainbow will be awe inspiring. We know that water runs through a river and waves are in the ocean.

The Universe keeps doing what it has done since the beginning of time. It gives us hope and let’s us know ‘don’t worry; for every ebb there is a flow.

All of nature is there to show us that the Universe can be counted on.  It is the Universe’s way of loving us by all it does.  It supports us through sending back a vibration of what you send out.  And this happens through an array of beautiful moments that we can count on.

If you have ever worried about not being able to trust the Universe, just take a look at the seasons, the rainbow after the rains, the blue sky, the blooming flower, and the night stars. They are there to make you feel loved and safe. They are there to help you from the body to the mind to the spirit.

The Universe is on your side my friend.