time to release

When someone else is speaking and they are giving their opinions and beliefs about life, and you don’t agree with them, you can choose to attach to their thought and be frustrated about what they have to say or you can choose to let go of their thought which brings about a sense of relief and freedom.

You can be respectfully opposite of what another is thinking. You don’t have to get into it with them just because they think differently than you. You have a choice how you respond.

Respect others and accept them for who they are.  We would hope the same if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t we?

We can all live in the same Universe with all different kinds of beliefs and opinions if we knew that we have the freedom to detach from another and their vibration if need be.

How can you tell when to detach from their vibration?  By how you feel within about what they have to say. If you feel bad, negative, or frustrated, then do yourself a favor and agree to disagree.  Even if you are on the same side with different views, you can figure out a way for a calm smooth way of meeting on the middle ground. Put your emotions aside and do what you can to create a calmer more balanced vibration for yourself.