time to release

When you want a positive change, it is up to you.  You see, change happens every single day. Sometimes it may not feel like a routine day has change in it, but it does. Those days of routine aren’t exactly the same. There is change in how you are thinking and feeling. There is change in the little things of the day.

And no matter how much we want life to stay just as it is, change comes knocking on the door. When change is constant in living a life experience, then it is up to us to embrace change instead of fearing it.

When you embrace change and focus on the positive side of that change, you are creating positive change in your life. When you fear change or say you can’t stand change, you are creating negative change in your life.

As you can see, how you look at change and how you feel about change is exactly how the change will manifest in your life.

Look at change as a good thing. Even if you feel uncomfortable with the change, shift your focus toward what is good about the change happening. Envision that every change in life is a positive one instead of looking at it as a negative.

Change is constant in life.  When we embrace change with open arms and a positive thought, we are creating the best for our life experience.