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Sometimes we have to deal with others that just don’t think as we do.  Not only do they not think as we do, but they are a polar opposite to what we believe and how we conduct life. This can make for an agitation kind of thought when you interact with them.

If you want to keep your thought in a balanced positive place, then it begins with you. It begins with what you attach to when they are talking to you. If their opinion comes off pompous and arrogant, then do your best to take a deep quiet breath and ‘breathe out’ the building negative emotion that begins. When you are able to remember to catch it before you get involved and attached, then you are consciously creating where your thought goes. What they say isn’t necessarily true for you.  That is okay.  How they say it isn’t necessarily the way you would say it.  That is okay.  Just keep breathing out the agitation until the conversation is over.  Then you can go back to finding that positive attitude that you were in before the encounter.

Let it go my friend and continue to have your good day.