In the world today, we have many distractions that can keep us from envisioning and focusing on what we truly want in life. And when we are distracted, we are creating an overwhelming and over thinking kind of life experience.

It is important to create a personal space to think.  It can be a certain place in this physical world like a bench or a room in your home or it can be a personal space ‘within’ yourself that you can go to and find balance and calm. Either way, it is your space to think and focus on what you truly want in life and what you appreciate in your life as well. Creating appreciation for your present moments creates appreciation for your future as well.

Take time to find a personal place that you, and only you, can be in.  Make it a place where you let go of any negative thought and replace it with positive thought. Make it so you feel balanced and calm within that place. Make it so that when you come to that personal place, that all your worries and fears fall away and you feel loved, appreciated, and supported.

Create this sacred place for yourself.  It will change your inner life and your outer life for the better.