beth mccain 5565

No matter what experience you may be having, just remember that you always have the choice of where your mind goes. If you have an experience that makes you upset, angry, or frustrated, take a moment to calm down and then release the feelings of anger as you deal with the experience. You can release the anger by your exhale of breath.  When you exhale, see and feel your body relaxing and letting go.  When you get to a place where you are feeling pretty good, then shift your focus to what you can appreciate in that moment. Even if you just like your shoes, focus on those until the agitation becomes calmer.

Next, whatever the experience, you want to accept that it is there. You may not like it but at least acknowledge it being there.  That is acceptance.  Then deal with the situation from a positive feeling vibration.  As much as you can muster. Any positive vibration you send out will help the experience become easier for you in thought.

Accept what can be changed and move on to creating a higher positive thought.  Shift your focus.  As you shift your focus and accept, while letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings, dealing with the experience from that more positive vibration, then the experience itself will change. Know and believe that all is well and will be well no matter what the experience.

What could not be changed will change because of what you have personally done to create a solution vibration. through positive thought.

Truly, nothing is impossible and you have the choice and power to change things.