beth mccain7787

Where does your mind go when I say, “Anything is possible.”  Do you immediately think of things to prove that thought wrong?  Do you think ‘maybe for her but not for me?’  Or do you think ‘I believe that anything is possible. I just need to find how?’

Where your mind goes when a set belief is said, is where your life will end up going. If you personally don’t believe that anything is possible, then unless you change your perception, then in your life, anything isn’t possible.

How can one perception change a belief?  That is where the inner work and growth come into your life. Some patterns of thought we have just grown up with.  This doesn’t mean that we have to keep those patterns, but before we can let go of them, we have to be aware of them. And that is where the work comes in.

Find a pattern of thought that makes you feel positive and happy. Then see what your mind does when you introduce those patterns to it. Does the mind say ‘No, no, no!  That is not what we believe or think. We think…’  That is when you can learn to teach the mind to pipe down and show it that it is okay to change an old thought pattern that you have outgrown.

Here’s a key to shifting an old pattern to a new pattern. You have to have a new pattern of thought ready to shift to when you let go of the old pattern or else the old pattern will sneak back in.

What do you want to believe in?  What makes you feel good about life?  Begin there and create a statement that you can shift to when you are letting go of the old pattern. You want to put focus on the new way as you let go of the old way.

Where your mind goes is up to you. You get to steer in the direction you want.  Don’t let you mind steer you my friend. You are the one who makes the choice of what direction to take.