When someone makes you mad because of something they say or do; you have two choices.  You can either get mad, yell at them, and send out the same kind of vibration that they send out through their opinion, and make it twice as negative or you can do the inner work to let go and release the negative vibration of anger and deal with the situation in a way that doesn’t create more negative vibrations.

By being upset with another and not letting it go, you are creating the same vibration as they are except in a different way, but when you deal with the experience in a way that you are steadfast in what you send out and let go of the negative attached to the thought, then you are creating a vibration that can help the experience to be less negative.

Create a solution through sending as much positive and light that you can muster up and let go of the thoughts of frustration and anger with another so that it doesn’t affect your life experience and will help to defuse some of what they are putting out.