beth mccain 2234

In each of your days and your moments, don’t forget that you are loved by this Universe.  The experiences you may have can sometimes feel like the Universe may have forgotten you, but it truly hasn’t. Those more challenging moments are taking you on a journey to where you want to be in life. How you respond to that journey determines the direction.

The Universe is always on your side…always. Through thick or through thin, you are loved. You have free will to think and make your own choices. The Universe supports, encourages, and loves you by sending back to you what you are sending to it.

You may say, “Then why does it seem hard?  Why don’t I have the life I wanted? I’ve been focusing on exactly what I want but nothing changes. The Universe is supporting me?”

Those repetitive thought patterns that you have are a part of what is creating your life.  You know, those critical thoughts that you think you only know about? Between what your inner thoughts and feelings are coupled with what you put focus on in your physical life; you are creating a mixed vibration that is interpreted by the Universe and sent back to you in that same kind of vibration in manifested form.

Happy person but have inner critical thoughts about yourself and others?  Then that mixed formula of thoughts will create the next moment and future. Judgmental about others in your mind yet helping others in the day?  The helping and judgmental vibrations will mix into what the Universe interprets and then sends it back to you. It is the Universe’s way of loving and supporting you by answering ‘your call.’

What ‘call’ are you sending out? What repetitive thoughts can you let go of and focus on something more positive?

Life can become easier and smoother by where you take your thought. What do you appreciate today?  What wonderful little ordinary moments can be focused on? What challenging moment can be hit head on with a smile and a genuine positive vibration while taking care of what needs to be taken care of?

It is all in your hands…