her story 3

There are times where we can get caught up in the moment of others who are talking negative. Maybe someone at work is talking about the office staff and then others join in and before you know it, you are talking negatively about others as well. You don’t even have to talk about them, you may just be thinking negative as those around talk negative. If another is talking negative about others or life, they’re not happy with life or themselves and this is how it can manifest by belittling others so they feel better about who they are but you don’t have to be a part of that.

This is one of those times where you have to really be conscious of where your thought is. Instead of creating the negative vibration with others, it is the perfect moment to see where your thought is and adjust it to a better higher frame of mind.  Maybe you are just silent and don’t agree or maybe you excuse yourself and go somewhere else.  No matter how you do it, if you want to get in a more positive place within, you have to let go of the gossip and the negative talk about others and about life.  Belittling others or talking negative about life is just hurting your own life.

Why not create something positive in your life instead?  You could compliment others and see what there is to appreciate in your life.  That is a productive way to experience life through acceptance and love.