beth mccain 793

For every night, there is a day.

For every sunset, there is a sunrise.

For every ebb, there is a flow.

This is the Universe’s way of showing you that it is consistent in all that it does which means that for every negative, there is a positive. We can focus on the night, the sun going away, or the ebb and taking away, or the negative, or we can focus on the day, the sunrise, the positive, and the flow of life.

All is constant in this physical life and what we focus on will create our personal reality.

The Universe is just doing what it does best which is showing us that it continues taking care of us and this physical world.  That it is everlasting and something we can count on.

Can you imagine what would happen if remembered this in every moment?  That we are always being taken care of and being supported in all we do?

Next time life seems challenging, just remember that truly everything is really okay and the tide will turn…it always does.