beth mccain 2212

So many ask,  “How can I find happiness?”  And often they are told, “It is right within you.” That is where most will say to themselves, “But I can’t feel it.  How do I find it within myself?”

Happiness is within you and bringing it to light so that you can feel it, takes a shift of thought and focus.

Let’s say it is cold outside and all you think is It is SO cold!  I’m freezing!  I can’t get warm. I wish it was warmer.  Obviously, this is a way of thinking that is creating more of the same misery for you.  Yes, it is cold. That is a fact. Yes, you wish it were warmer but it is what it is. So what can you do about it?  You can accept that it is cold without negative self talk and then shift focus to what is great that you can do about the cold. It’s cold (acceptance) yet I am so happy that I have my cozy blanket to keep me warm. I’m so happy and appreciative of my heater in my house. AND I heard that in a few days, the cold snap will go.

Do you see how that works?  When we accept what we can’t change and focus on what we can appreciate as we deal with the experience, then we are creating a happier vibration.

Do this with all that you experience. Keep shifting focus toward what you appreciate and enjoy in life. You will find that your own state of mind will change and that change of mind will begin to create happier experiences.

Change your thought and it will change your life my friend.