Are you enjoying your present moments or are you thinking about the future or the past?  When we are creating our life experience, what we think in the present is what will create not only our present moments but our future as well. What would you like your future to be when it comes to how you feel?  Do you want to be happy in the future or want to feel good about where you are headed?  Then you have to put those thoughts into your present. Appreciate and look at what you have in life right now that makes you feel happy or makes you feel good about where you are headed. These present moments are what create your future moments.

Think about your present moments today and do your best to create a positive flow no matter what you are experiencing. There is much to appreciate in each of our moments.  Sometimes we have to look for it and sometimes we have to shift our focus toward it, but appreciation is there.  And appreciating your current life is a part of getting you to that happiness.