Secret Secret Garden

No matter what you may think or what you may experience, there is always an open door for you to walk through in the direction of where you want life to go. You may not see that door or you may only sense the doors that have close, but there are always open doors.

Sometimes those open doors come about from doors that close in life. If you can believe and trust, then that open door will show itself in the right time for your life.

And sometimes, when you are experiencing a challenge, that challenge is a part of taking you to where you want to be in life and how you handle the challenge will create a direction for your life. Handle it with a sense of fear and worry, then that is the direction you will go.  Handle it with a sense of positive and moving forward, then that is the direction your life will go.

It all comes down to your choices in thought, emotion, and action my friend. Trust and believe that all is and will be well.