beth mccain 33431

When was the last time you took a day to be conscious of all the thoughts that are going through the mind; all the thoughts and reactions to others, to nature, to experiences, the critical voice and the loving voice within?

Every thought that comes up in your mind, you can choose the direction where you take it. If you have a fearful thought, you can either ‘attach’ to it and make it bigger by worrying and fearing even more, or you can let it just be a passing thought while you shift your focus toward a feeling and thought that are more positive.  Instead of building the worst case scenario you could build the best case scenario within your mind and heart.

How about creating the best case scenario in your experiences?  How about taking the time and focus to creating a positive direction for your life? How about being conscious of where your thoughts go in your moments so you can either let them go or embrace them?

Be conscious of your thoughts and create a positive higher vibration for your moments my friend.