giving and receiving

If another makes you feel bad, let go of the attachment of what they think. It isn’t okay for another to make you feel bad, but what they do and say doesn’t have to affect you personally unless you let it.Their reasoning for being as they are, is up to them.

You do have a choice and that choice is up to you. You can detach from what they think and say knowing that it is just their perception and what they think and has nothing to do with who you truly are.

Sometimes we are given a thought from another so we can look at it, see if it is something we can learn from, and then use their opinion to create a better feeling and thought for ourselves. That thought can make us think about who we are and make us even better within.

But if it doesn’t feel like it is something to look at it, then just let it go from your thoughts. There is no reason to feel bad from another who doesn’t know what they are talking about.Don’t give them power over how you feel about you.