beth mccain 5565

Maybe, just maybe, this whole time you have been waiting and thinking that your prayers and your dreams haven’t been answered, that all is being aligned in the best time, in the best way, and in the best for your life.

And just because it hasn’t happened in the time that you think it should, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen but that a solid foundation is being built  for what you want and that can only happen through experiences and time.

Let’s say you are looking for the perfect place to live.  And it seems like nothing is coming forward. Have you stop to think that maybe the right house isn’t quite available yet and it will be in a few weeks and that is why it has gone differently than you expected because you couldn’t see that perfect house when the Universe could see it and was lining it all up just for you.

Keep your hope alive, my friend. Sometimes things fall apart in order to fall together.