In that moment where you are ready to give up, hope seems elusive, and fear wants to creep in; that is the moment to do the inner work to create a positive higher thought.

It is the moment to release and let go of fear and giving up, and embrace trusting that you know what you want to ‘be’ and trusting that you are being led there by a different way than you thought.  That way is going to be so much better in the long run.  That way is the way that the Universe sees is the best way of getting you there and to stay there. Just because you have a little shake up, doesn’t mean that all is lost. Regain your hope in the Universe and yourself and know that all is well no matter what it looks like.

Don’t let the mind run you ragged with all its fears, doubts, and worries.  Let your inner self be the compass and tell the mind it is truly okay to just let go of the negative thought.  Shift it to a positive place and let what you want unfold.