Everyone has something that they repeat within the mind.  They may not say it out loud (or maybe they do) but everyone has something and what your everyday mantra is, can be a part of what you are putting out into the Universe.

Maybe you are out and about and each time you have to wait in line your mantra is ‘I knew I’d have to wait, it always happens to me.’ Maybe you let others know all about how you have to wait all the time and you keep the mantra going.  You go home and tell everyone all about how you just knew you’d have to wait.  Then the next time you go out, you expect to have to wait and you begin the mantra again.

Instead of letting your mind make up a mantra, how about consciously creating one that you want your life to reflect? You can leave the house with a positive mantra within your mind and heart and you can use it instead of your automatic mantra.  You can be conscious of what you are thinking and inner work to change the mantra.  And when you change the mantra, something magical happens.  Life begins to take on a different feel.  You no longer have to wait so often. You find life is going a little easier somehow.  By putting out the vibrations of positive, you are going to have those vibrations coming right back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Pick a mantra today and stick with it.  Keep raising your vibrations to a higher positive thought and feeling.  It will make life better my friend.