beth 9989

Sometimes it just takes the intentional thought of acceptance to help life to move forward.

When we have an experience in our lives that we just wish would move on and it doesn’t, then there are moments where we feel we are fighting against the experience that we want to leave so badly. We begin to think about it alot of the time and giving it more energy that it deserves.  We worry that it won’t leave or that it won’t leave fast enough.  And the more we don’t want to think about it, the more it shows its presence.

Can you tell by how I described an unwanted experience, that it feel agitated and icky?  It doesn’t feel the best, doesn’t it?

The best way to get this kind of experience to leave life life is to accept and acknowledge that it is there.  Come to peace with the experience.  Every time that it comes to mind and heart, take a deep breath in, and exhale out those agitating thoughts and feelings, and slip into accepting the experience and finding a calm about it all.

The more you accept and let go, the fast it will leave. Deal with what needs to be dealt with but release the need to be negative or fearful in it all. Accept, do what you can, and let go of the agitated thoughts and feelings. Trust that the next step will unfold in life.

Accept and let go my friend and that repetitive experience will begin to fade out of your life.