agree to disagree and respect

What do you think would happen if you chose to live every moment in your day, from kindness, love, and compassion?

No matter what experience came along, whether positive, negative, or indifferent; what if you just chose to ‘be’ in appreciation, love, and kindness?

What if, no matter how another treats you or how your day goes, you just let it roll off your back, let it go, and chose a more positive higher vibration?

Life would change. Everything you put out into this Universe will come back to you.  Have a challenge, yet get through it with a calm, loving, positive vibration? Life will begin to reflect all of what you put out in each experience.

The more you create a positive, the more positive life will be. Do the inner work to stay conscious of where your thought, feelings, and reactions go and fine tune what needs to be fine tuned so that you are steadily breathing and living a positive vibration.